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The Best Ways to Support Your Pregnant Friend

Finding out one of your friends, sisters, neighbors or daughters is pregnant is such an exciting thing. There are so many little moments to look forward to, like a baby shower, or ultrasound pictures, or baby onesies with little pastel ducks on them (those are my favorite). While we can all get caught up in the anticipation of the new baby, it’s important to understand how we can give our best support to the mom-to-be during this time as well. Her life is about to change dramatically and everyone’s situation is certainly different. 

Medication Abortion: Navigating the Abortion Pill With Compassionate Care

Young woman considering taking the abortion pill for her unplanned pregnancy

In recent years, medication abortion (most commonly referred to as “the abortion pill”) has become increasingly prevalent, making up approximately 63% of all abortions performed in the United States. The number of abortions in general in the US is continuously increasing. Last year alone was the first year in more than a decade that over 1 million abortions were performed in the United States. Imagine with me a packed football stadium filled to capacity with fans. Now, multiply that stadium by 20. That’s approximately what 1 million people would look like. So what role does the abortion pill play?

Tips for Living a Truly “Pro-Life” Life

Pro-life mom happy she made the decision to keep her pregnancy.

One of the biggest ways you can support the Pro-Life efforts is by supporting a local pregnancy center. They are on the frontlines to receive women and give them direct help during one of the hardest times of their lives. These centers are almost always in need of help, whether it’s help organizing diaper donations, or financial support to keep our lights on and doors open daily. 

Healthy Resolutions for a New Year

Woman writing down her new years resolutions in grand rapids, mi

Around January every year, people tend to make New Year’s resolutions that center around losing weight. Historically, 43% of all Americans vowed they were going to lose weight in the upcoming year. While aiming to take care of your body is never a bad thing, sometimes having a resolution that starts on the premise that your current body isn’t good enough can lead to even more failure in the future. Telling yourself bad things about your body puts you in a dangerous mindset that deteriorates your self-worth. 

The Emotional Aftermath of an Abortion 

Woman dealing with side effects of abortion

Pregnancy and parenting can be an overwhelming experience even for someone who has planned and prepared for it, let alone those who are not expecting it. It’s tough. While there are resources and support services available to women to help alleviate many of the difficult factors that come along with pregnancy, carrying a pregnancy and […]

What is a Pregnancy Center?

young woman at HELP pregnancy aid getting a free pregnancy test.

A Pregnancy Center is a nonprofit organization that provides support services for women during an unplanned pregnancy. You may often hear them referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers” as many of the women who walk through our doors for help have found themselves in an unexpected pregnancy situation where resources and information about their options can feel like an emergency need.