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What is a Pregnancy Center?

A Pregnancy Center is a nonprofit organization that provides support services for women during an unplanned pregnancy. You may often hear them referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers” as many of the women who walk through our doors for help have found themselves in an unexpected pregnancy situation where resources and information about their options can feel like an emergency need. The goal of pregnancy centers is to provide help, hope, and encouragement through the services that they provide during what can most often be a stressful and overwhelming time. With emotional support, guidance, and a safe and confidential space to take a pause and receive information about their pregnancy, women are able to learn more about the options available to them and to hopefully consider choices other than termination for their unborn child. 

The services provided at pregnancy centers are most often made available at low- or no-cost thanks to the gifts and contributions of generous donors. There are upwards of 2,000 pregnancy centers in the United States, some working independently, and many part of a larger network.  Some centers only provide information and non-medical services, while others offer medical care and have nurses, doctors, and health care providers on staff.

Who We Are

At HELP Pregnancy Aid in Grand Rapids, we are dedicated to providing life-affirming services and information to women in every stage of pregnancy. Our organization is dedicated to giving women what they need in order to have a safe, healthy, full-term pregnancy along with guidance and mentorship through parenting education.

Some of our services include: 

  • Pregnancy testing for women who need free, accurate, and confidential help in verifying their pregnancy
  • Limited ultrasound services for women who want to know more about the stage and viability of their pregnancy before considering the future
  • Education and classes for women in all stages of pregnancy 
  • Maternity clothing program
  • Material assistance (such as diapers, formula, and clothes) up to their baby’s 3rd birthday
  • Support and referrals for fathers to promote involvement from both parents

At HELP Pregnancy Aid, we affirm life and aim to support the best outcome for the woman and the child.

Who We Are NOT

HELP Pregnancy Aid in Grand Rapids is NOT an OB-GYN or medical clinic. We do not claim to take the place of a medical provider. However, we do assist in finding and referring to the appropriate medical providers, as needed. 

We are also NOT an abortion clinic. We provide women with free abortion information and facts on abortion alternatives, but we do not refer women for elective abortions. 

We are NOT here to make a decision for any woman or to make her feel forced or pressured into making a specific decision. The goal at HELP Pregnancy is to empower pregnant women and young mothers in a Christ-like manner by providing an array of supportive services.

Abortion and Alternative Options

Many women find themselves in unexpected situations and wonder anxiously if there really are any options available to them. Extremely stressful and scary situations paired with a desperate search for a fast solution can often lead to hasty decisions being made based on limited information. 

There are many reasons women often choose abortion. Oftentimes, they believe they don’t have another choice, or they fear not having the support they need from a birth father, their own family, or the people around them. Yes, abortion may be an available option; however, it is not the only option. The staff at HELP Pregnancy is here to walk women through all of the options available to them so that they can make an informed decision. 

We are Here for our Clients!

Our goal is to provide women with a safe, caring space in Grand Rapids, MI to take a breath, process, and learn the facts about all options and resources available to them so that they can make an informed and safe decision. We believe that no woman should have to go through such a difficult situation alone and are committed to assisting in any way we can.

The generous contributions from our donors allow us to continue providing these services in our community; services that women in a crisis pregnancy desperately need. With your help, we can continue to provide the women in Grand Rapids with free access to the support, care, and resources needed.

HELP Pregnancy Aid is a non-profit organization based in Grand Rapids, MI that provides women with unexpected pregnancy support services including encouragement, information, and material resources. Help us continue our mission of empowering pregnant and young mothers in a Christ-like manner.